Foster in Bury

At Next Stage for Fostering, we’re passionate about giving children the opportunity to grow up in a loving home with all the support they need for a happy life.

And as a fostering agency based near Bury, we care about finding the right people with a desire to change a child’s life and provide a loving home.

You could be one of them.

Why Bury?

Right now, there’s a real need for foster carers throughout the North West, especially in Bury.

Right now in Bury, some children haven’t had all the support they need. They can’t live with their existing family for a range of reasons, which means many of them are waiting for someone who can give them a loving home and look after them.

We believe that amazing people like you can make the difference in a child’s life by opening up your home and showing them someone cares for them.

What types of fostering placements are available in Bury?

As a fostering agency in Bury, we work alongside Placements North West to match the needs of each child with a family that can support them.

The types of fostering placements currently in demand in Bury include:

  • Full-time care
  • Part-time and respite care
  • Sibling groups placements (two or more children)
  • Placements for older children and teenagers
  • Placements for children from BME communities and increasingly those from new migrant communities
  • Short break placements for children who need respite time away from their family
  • Placements for children with additional needs, including physical disabilities and learning difficulties
  • Supported lodgings placements for young adults that need additional help preparing for independent living

The benefits of fostering in Bury

When you choose to foster, you won’t be doing it alone. Fostering is an incredibly valuable service to your community, which is recognised by weekly allowances provided by the local authorities in Bury.

The amount provided in your allowance is reflective of both your level of experience in fostering and the specific needs of the child or young person that is in your care.

There are other benefits to fostering too, including support from social workers in your area and additional payments for birthdays and holidays.

You could have what it takes

We believe that anyone with patience and a willingness to understand someone who has specific needs can excel in foster care. Foster care is inclusive: you don’t need a list of qualifications, own your own home or be in a long-term relationship. All you need is a desire to give a child a sense of belonging.

To become a foster carer, please contact our office on 01204 201203 or send an email to and a member of our team can answer any questions you may have.

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