Staff Feedback

“I enjoy being part of a new service, being able to influence and shape its development”

“I enjoy the variety of service users and making a difference to their lives”.

“We get plenty of training and it is usually here in the office so it makes it easier to attend”.

“I feel very supported by the managers and I know I can get support at any time if I have a problem”.

“I feel supported and know if I needed anything the manager would help me”.

“I love my job, I thrive with responsibility and always looking at ways to better my knowledge through Next Stage”.

“Working with a diverse mix of people and helping people achieve their goals”.

“The induction programme is very important and we currently have new staff who are shadowing us to allow them to learn on the job ”.

“Amazing quality of care provided to service users”.

“I am quite flexible and will help out where and when needed but know the managers will be flexible with me if I need it”.

“I love the working environment and also Next Stage investing in me”.

“There is a good relationship and cordiality between staff, management and the service users at large”.

“I really enjoy the job and like to ensure the people I support are fully involved in all their care”.